DBD Intelligence is a team of professionals with over 30 years of experience in business intelligence and data analytics. Our mission is to elevate the business of our clients and guide them to become leaders in their industry through data driven decisions.

Our expert knowledge and experience in technology, operations, marketing, sales, finance, business strategy and fundraising allows DBD Intelligence to partner with a broad business audience, to accurately identify and define each organization’s needs, build the most efficient business plan, and discover the potential for success. 



Over thirty years of professional experience.

Fast, tangible results with a demonstrably improved return on investment.

Technologically superior solutions, scalable to grow with your changing needs.

Proven methodologies and expert project management.


The DBD Intelligence journey began in 2015 when my colleague and I were hired as part-time consultants to implement a data analysis and reporting solution at The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) Foundation in Toronto. At the time, CAMH Foundation had just one fundraising performance report that was pieced together and distributed manually by the CFO. Clearly, the opportunity for improvement in their reporting process was significant. So – the work began. 

The project plan comprised of four primary steps:

  1. Analyze the existing data structure
  2. Implement a data model that creates a meaningful relationship between the data sources and data tables
  3. Develop and document data integrity rules to ensure data accuracy at point of entry and exit
  4. Implement a business intelligence tool to produce meaningful, interactive reports and dashboards in real-time 

Within six months the organization had five new automated reports with real-time, trusted data to base their business decisions on.

Energized by the improvements we were able to offer to an organization that provides such meaningful change, we began to survey the reporting capabilities of other local not-for-profit organizations. Our findings were unmistakable – poor reporting capabilities and a lack of resourcing behind sophisticated data analytics were widespread.

We presented our CAMH Foundation transformations to these organizations, and the interest and excitement was palpable. Every team we met with expressed their eagerness to improve their business performance through accessible, accurate and up-to-date information – services for which DBD Intelligence had a proven track record to provide.

With no shortage of enthusiastic partners, we made the decision to open a full-time business intelligence and data analytics consulting firm – thus, in 2017, DBD Intelligence was born.

Since its inception, we have implemented similar reporting and data analytics improvement to almost a dozen not-for-profit organizations – many of whom – including CAMH – are still our happy clients. DBD Intelligence prides itself on establishing long, meaningful relationships with its partners, providing 24/7 support where needed.

What does the future of our company hold? We have recently expanded our business to the for-profit sector, and have added more services to our repertoire, including website design, mobile app development, and ecommerce.

At the core of all our services – DBD Intelligence has one guiding principle – to help our partners achieve their business goals and be successful in their mission.

Denis Lomakin, President & Founder, DBD Intelligence